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Wedding Photography ~ Holman Ranch, Carmel Valley CA

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Hannah & Daniel started their day at Quail Lodge, getting ready, doing hair and Makeup, and playing golf around the resort. We soon made our way to the incredibly beautiful Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley. When we arrived, the bride's sister and mother helped her put on the dress and finish with the other details. When she was ready, we set up for a "first look"... but not with her groom, with her father! It was a heartfelt moment when he saw his daughter in her wedding gown for the fist time. 

The cloudy sky cast a soft, even light over the ceremony site, with endless views overlooking the Carmel Valley. Everyone at this ceremony had a front row seat, because the guest list was just 16 of their favorite people. 

The groom got his first glimpse of the bride that day as her father walked her across the lawns and down the aisle. The bride & groom along with everyone watching did their best to hold back the happy tears as they read their own vows and literally "tied the knot."

The newlyweds were showered with dry flower petals as they exited the ceremony. Then we took some group photos and played around with a vintage Polaroid camera that belonged to the groom. 

Our newlywed portrait session started in the beautiful gardens around Holman Ranch. We then took a ride in a golf cart to the famous 'Holman Ranch Oak Tree' up on the hill. It had been overcast all day, but as we were on that hill taking pictures the sun suddenly broke through the clouds! Golden sunlight danced across the grassy fields and branches of the oak trees. We had a true "golden hour" portrait session right up until the moment the sun set. The timing could not have been better! Amazing. 

We were welcomed back to the reception area by a lavish spread of food under an intimate canopy of grape vines, and just one long table for everyone. After dinner, the cake was cut and it was time to dance, and dance they did! This was a fun group, and for a group of only 18 people, they kept that dance floor FULL of energy all night. 

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