Wedding Photography ~ Tahama Golf Club, Carmel CA

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When I spoke with Zach & Josh at the end of their beautiful wedding they both agreed whole-heartedly that it really was the perfect day. Everything seemed to fall into place. With its Spanish style architecture, rolling hills adorned with perfectly manicured golf greens, and epic panoramic views of the Monterey Bay, you can’t go wrong with Tehama Golf Club in Carmel, California on ANY day.

But on this particular afternoon the weather was just as idyllic as the setting. It was warm with the slightest breeze, and so clear you could see across the bay! I arrived as they were getting ready, and could sense a bit of excitedly nervous anticipation. That quickly melted away as we settled in to a smile-filled family photo and fun wedding party shots in front of the club house.

The guests arrived to the sound of acoustic guitar and found their seats for the ceremony. Each of the grooms were escorted by their parents, and exchanged a look of pure joy as they came down the aisle.

After a heartfelt ceremony I was given free rein to find a suitable location for their newlywed photos. I had scouted out the venue earlier in the day and found a perfect little grove of mossy Oak trees that I knew would light up with the sunset. They made it clear that they wanted to take their time when it came to photography, so we shot until the sun was low on the horizon and captured a series of beautiful, emotional and dramatic images.

As we made our way back up the hill to the reception, the couple made their grand entrance followed by a thank you toast to their guests. As we waited for dinner service, the sky turned deep red. We decided to take advantage of these last few moments of magical light, and took a few additional portraits with the sweeping Monterey Bay as their backdrop.

The night ended as perfectly as it began, with great speeches, delicious food and awesome music. It was a day I’ll never forget and an honor to capture it for these happy newlyweds!

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