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Hi I’m Blake, and I’m going to turn your love story into a work of art with my camera.

Weddings are just… awesome. I love getting to know new couples and learning what makes them (and their big day) unique. We’re gonna laugh like crazy and have a lot of fun. You’re going to make some seriously cool memories that day and I’m going to capture those memories honestly and in their entirety. Whether you look back at your album in 1 year or in 50, your photos will make you remember what it felt like to live those moments.

A little about me personally… I’m 36, and have lived in Santa Cruz county my entire life other than a few college years in L.A. My wife and I recently celebrated our 12 year anniversary! We have two incredible little boys, Nolan (6) and Carson (4) and they keep us on our toes as you could imagine. I love hiking and climbing the tallest peaks I can find whenever I get the chance. If I need something for my house, I am more likely to build it in my little garage woodshop than buy it. And of course photography… Its been a passion of mine since high school, and I could geek out about camera gear for days. But in the end its just an honor to capture people during their most precious moments in life.

I’m often asked to describe my style. The best way I can do that is through the photos on my website, which is why I’ve included literally thousands of photos for you to browse through. The abbreviated version is the slide show gallery on my home page. Those are the photos that I have chosen to best represent who I am as an artist and storyteller.

But if I had to put my style to words, I’d start with “artistic.” Before I found my passion for photographing people, I was a landscape and fine-art photographer. And my portrait photography is heavily influenced by that background. I believe you should have a set of photos that you will love forever. My sole purpose is to tell your story, but my approach is to tell that story in a way that looks absolutely stunning on your wall.

My favorite weddings are always a little different. I love the potential for individual expression in a wedding. I love natural settings and the great outdoors, so I am drawn toward weddings on beaches, forests, open landscapes, gardens, vineyards and really cool back yards. Casual Chic. Or a little bit hipster. Bohemian. Funky. Retro. Tattoos and beards and windblown hair. Bare feet in the sand. I love it all. These days tradition purely for the sake of tradition is not everyone’s jam and I respect that. Celebrate your love and then party it up with your favorite people. Just be you.


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